Collecting and breeding quality clivias since 2008
what we do
  1. Collecting
    We have acquired quality plants since 2008
  2. Cultivating
    Each year during the flowering season selected plants are used to cross pollinate flowers that will set seed to produce future generations.
  3. Growing
    When seed pods are ready, the seeds are harvested and planted.
about clivias2go
The passion for breeding and collecting clivias started in 2008 when a good friend and respected breeder in Polokwane introduced me to his hobby.

Together Pieter Van Eeden and I travelled to many breeders and collected top quality plants for breeding.

As hobbyists we have over the years documented the results of our in-house clivia breeding. It is interesting and rewarding to experiment with the cross-pollination of plants, understanding the habitat, growing medium and how to keep the clivias happy.

As part of the clivia community worldwide we anxiously and patiently await the outcome of new faces that mother nature will produce during the flowering season each year.